Welcome! The Delaware Pro-Life Coalition, Inc. was formed in 1983 to educate and inform Delaware’s citizens in pro-life and pro-family issues.

Within the Coalition are prayer groups, nursing groups, pregnancy counseling centers, educational and charitable organizations, working together to rid this state and nation of the evils of abortion on demand, infanticide, IVF, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, euthanasia, and assisted suicide. Groups strengthen each other by networking.  The groups support the coalition and the coalition supports its groups.

Our biggest educational effort has been the yearly pro-life convention. The 21 past conventions have presented such notable speakers as Bay Buchanan, Congressman Henry Hyde, Rev. Frank Pavone, Cal Thomas, Nat Hentoff, Pat Robertson, presidential candidate Alan Keyes, and many other distinguished speakers.

In September, 2007, the Coalition moved its office and studies/resource center  to Holy Spirit campus in New Castle.  The Center, open by appointment, offers books, videos, audios, internet connections and other research tools on most pro-life topics, as well as two conference rooms for small meetings and conferences.

Other events promoted are the March for Life held every January 22 in Washington, DC, public media events, LIFE CHAINS held locally on Good Friday and in October and Face the Truth Tours.

The Coalition has buried aborted and abandoned babies, organized funeral services and placed memorial markers on their graves.

Donations to help our educational efforts are tax deductible and may be mailed to the address on the Contact page.

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Planned Parenthood Requests Government Bailout!!!
For More Information:  www.sba-list.org

Delaware State Legislature passes House Resolution # 75: 144th General Assembly,Primary Sponsor Ewing;Co-Sponsors Rep. Hocker and Outten: establishing Protections for Persons with Severe Brain Injury, impaired consciousness, or who are  otherwise mentally disabled.

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