The purpose of this Coalition is to provide a vehicle for united pro-life educational efforts among the member organizations who share common commitments to protect the right to life in existence at fertilization of each innocent human being.

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1.  Each innocent human being is endowed by God with an inalienable right to life in existence at fertilization.

2.  All innocent human life should be legally protected. The Coalition recognizes that there is no justification for either state or an individual to deny the right to life of an innocent human being.

3.  Whenever a human life is in danger all available ordinary and reasonable means should be used to the best of the ability of the participants in order to preserve life.  If two or more lives are mutually endangered this same standard should guide treatment of each person in danger.

4.  Legislative efforts to protect innocent human life should reflect these principles.  We will not support the introduction of legislation that creates in the law exceptions to this inalienable right to life.  This does not preclude the introduction of laws which only seek to limit the consequences of the current practice of abortion but do not directly deal with the legality of abortion (i.e. government funding. parental notification, etc.).


PresidentMrs. Bess McAneny
Vice President      Mrs. Judith Aungst
TreasurerMrs. Joanne Laird
SecretaryMrs. Eileen Siter
President Emeritus      Mrs. Dee Becker

           Pro-Life Coalition